Our Story

Galeri Batik Jawa is a collection of natural indigo batik – hand painted batik using 100% natural dye from Indigofera tinctoria which yield attractive shades of blue that are applied into fashionable women’s and men’s wear.

Our products is for everyone who loves unique handmade items and who can appreciate it’s beauty. A showcase of Indonesian cultural heritage using environmental friendly process.

We created our indigo batik using the fermentation process of indigo leaves as natural dye without any synthetic chemical, leaving no hazardous waste that could pollute our soil and water.

Indigo is one of the oldest natural dyeing color which has been used for more than 2500 years and it is known as “The color of the kings and the king of colors”, it produces a natural blue color of that is calm, vivid and wear resistant, which can also be combined with other natural colors to get a unique composition of color harmony.

All of our products are creatively designed and processed by hand, which is made with indigo paste and Javanese traditional patterns painted on various materials, such as cotton, silk and natural handwoven fibre with casual-contemporary style.

With regards,

Mayasari Sekarlaranti
Founder & CEO

Safeguard and conserve
the Javanese local wisdom through batik

Empower women artisans by preserving
endangered traditional patterns
from various batik villages

Contribute to environmentally friendly life,
synthetic dyes contains carcinogen

Develop Javanese natural indigo batik
as contemporary world fashion

No waste of cutouts, we recycle all materials
to be made into other creative products
down to the smallest one

Introducing and educating people about batik
through local and international exhibition


Ir. Dra. Larasati Suliantoro, the founding mother of Galeri Batik Jawa started researching about Javanese Indigo.


Proses Pembatikan

Galeri Batik Jawa started specialising in reviving Javanese local wisdom in the form of natural indigo batik.


UNESCO designated Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


Piagam MURI

Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) announced Galeri Batik Jawa as The World Most Productive Batik Producer using Indigofera Tinctoria as natural dyeing.


Certificate Award of Excellence 2014 South East Asia Programme

A set of handbag and stole with Nitik Kawung pattern, created by Galeri Batik Jawa was given an Award of Excellence for Handicraft by The World Craft Council



Pasar Pondok Indah